The Rights and Responsibilities Initiative Ghana (RRIG) is a female – led Non-Governmental Organization established in 2015.
RRIG seeks to improve on the conditions of vulnerable people in the society through community participation, engagement, accountability and
capacity building in the realization of their full potential and total human development.

Rights and Responsibilities Initiative Ghana is legally registered in Ghana as a company with the certificate of incorporation number CG143752015 on 30th January, 2015 and Department of Social Welfare registration number DSW/7449.


To advocate for improvement of vulnerable youth, children, women and men in the society in the areas of human rights especially on girls, women and children, public health, reproductive health, environmental protection, education, governance, prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections/Diseases (STIs/STDs), youth empowerment etc in the deprived communities in Ghana.


To create an enabling environment for vulnerable groups in the society through advocacy and capacity building to develop their leadership skills, and become self-reliance, employable and active to influence socio-economic policies for a sustainable development.



  1. To advocate for the protection and promoting of girls, women and children rights.
  2. To advocate for public health services including Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS interventions, STIs, Malaria and TB to the vulnerable in the society.
  1. To enrich girls and women’s capacity to improve their quality of life through access to and control of resources and active participation in decision making..
  2. To provide training in employable skills for the youth and women groups in deprived communities.
  3. To build a network with other organizations at the Local, National and International levels.

Core values

 Equal rights of all individuals to realize their potential regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sex and religion.

 Power of collective action and community initiative.

 Participatory decision-making approaches and processes.